There is no denying earrings are the main obsession of Dolly and Pops!

I believe there is a pair of earrings for every occasion to elevate any outfit and complete any look.

We all have our own earring comfort zone.

Some people prefer a small, subtle stud that is only visible when you gently tuck your hair behind your ear.

Some people like a statement stud. Slightly larger, a bold colour or striking shape, a unique pattern that catches the eye.

Some people will design their entire outfit around a new pair of earrings! Strong colours, abstract designs, always on the lookout for something different.

All of my earrings are made from lightweight wood, covered with repurposed decorative paper and coated with a light varnish or solvent-free resin for a gloss finish. Completed with stainless steel, hypoallergenic fixing for increased comfort.